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With our fast, friendly service, you can get on with your day quickly. Read on to find out what a typical appointment is like.

Upon our friendly greeting, our staff will update any necessary personal information, including insurances, before we begin the exam process. If you would like to pre-select your frames before you are started on your exam, we encourage you to show up twenty minutes before your appointment time. The exam process begins with the “preliminary testing” where our skilled optometric assistant will take a few measurements of your eyes to allow the doctor to better assess your ocular condition and visual needs.

Once these tests are done, the doctor begins the exam by asking further detailed questions to better uncover your visual needs. The exam consists of the “refractive” part where she determines your glasses and/or contact lens prescription, and then the “health” part where she examines the anterior (front) and the posterior (back) portion of your eyes in order to diagnose any eye diseases. The “health” portion of the exam may or may not consist of the dilation procedure (depending on your eye and medical history) where she instills eyedrops in your eyes to dilate your pupils in order to examine the peripheral corners of the posterior part of the eye called the retina. Lastly, the doctor will summarize the findings of both the refractive and the health parts of the exam and make necessary and final recommendations. When you are done with your exam, you can feel secure that we’ve given you the most thorough eye exam and that you will see clearly through your new eyewear.



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